Weekly Tech News

Weekly Tech News
hasantha | News | 4th June 2019

Google expands Flutter framework for multi-platform


Flutter is a well known cross-platform framework for creating mobile apps that look and act the same between Android and iOS. Late last year, Google announced that it would also take flutter beyond mobile and to the web. As a result the expansion was announced at the Google I/O conference, where Google released its first technical preview of Flutter for web and announced steps towards supporting desktop-class apps and also google announced that Flutter developers will soon be able to target MacOs, Windows, Linux as well as to embedded devices such as Google Home Hub.

Alexa offers a hands-free experience for Windows users


The earlier version Alexa app required users to push-to-talk to peak Alexa in order to set reminders, timers and alarms, create to-dos, track their calendar, control their smart home, get news, information and more and even play music. The new updated version of the Alexa app offers a hands-free experience that allows users to invoke Alexa whether it's running in the foreground or the background. In addition to the hands-free update, the latest version of the Alexa app also brings support for Pandora music streaming.


AI-assisted coding tool by Microsoft


Artificial intelligence was the dominant theme of the Microsoft Build conference 2019. Microsoft announced an updated version of their AI coding tool “IntelliCode” that builds upon the existing IntelliSense functionality to provide even more intelligent code suggestions. This helps C# and XAML in Visual Studio and Java, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python in Visual Studio Code in AI. IntelliCode is fed with codes of thousands of open-source projects from GitHub that have at least 100 stars. Using this data, the tool can then make a smarter code-completion suggestion. It also takes the current code and context into account as it makes its recommendations.

GitHub gets a package registry


GitHub announced the launch of a limited beta of the GitHub  Package Registry, its new package management service that lets developers publish public and private packages next to their source code. The new service is currently compatible with JavaScript (npm), Java (Maven), Ruby (RubyGems), .NET (NuGet) and Docker images, with support for other languages and tools to come. A new tab will be added to the GitHub interface where an account or organization's packages will be listed.

Coin-bits launches as a passive investment app for bitcoin


World’s youngest bitcoin millionaire Eric Finman, launched a new app CoinBits which allows users to passively invest in bitcoin. The idea, according to Finman, is to democratize access to the currency by letting everyday folks invest nominal sums through well-known mechanisms like roundups on transactions made with a credit or debit card or through regular transactions from a customer’s savings or checking account to bitcoin through CoinBits.